crystal dishes

The beauty and style, and most importantly, the variety of crystal dishes, is the reason for the high sales of this type of dishes.

Crystal containers are made of polystyrene, or compressed and shiny plastic, which does not allow water, moisture and pollution to penetrate into it, and can also preserve saffron without changing its composition and properties for a long time.

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crystal dishes

Crystal containers are glass containers of very high quality with more gloss and transparency. These containers are made of glass with crystalline oxide and have a special chemical formula due to their chemical properties. This chemical formula is usually Na2O·CaO·6SiO2, known as crystal chemistry.

These containers are usually very heavy and thicker than regular glass containers. Also, they have more gloss and transparency, which is obtained due to the special method used for their production. To produce crystal containers, a specialized process called "crystal casting" is used, in which the solid glass is powdered, using a mold, and made into the desired shape. Then, the glass pieces are connected to each other and finally, by polishing their surface, more gloss and transparency is added to them.

History of crystal ware

The history of producing crystal vessels dates back to the 1670s, when an English scientist named German Henry Schrimpf discovered the crystal production process. Initially, crystals were used as a substitute for diamonds in jewelry. But with the passage of time, people sought to produce higher quality dishes.

In the early 18th century, crystal production became popular in Bohemia, and it quickly became one of the largest crystal production centers in the world. In this region, the crystal production industry was very important and made Bohemia known as the center of crystal production in the world.

Advantages of crystal containers

Crystal containers have many advantages that make them attractive for use in gatherings and special events. These benefits include:

1- More transparency: These containers are more transparent than ordinary glass containers and because of their shine, they are more attractive especially in important and luxurious events.

2- Beauty and splendor: Crystal dishes are presented with beautiful and diverse designs and patterns, and because of their splendor, they are more attractive, especially in special and luxurious ceremonies.

3- More scratch and scratch resistance: Crystal containers have more scratch and scratch resistance, therefore, compared to ordinary glass containers, due to their greater hardness, they will be less scratched in the long run.

4- Better heat transfer: These containers have higher thermal efficiency, therefore, they can transfer heat better and faster.

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